What’s the Top Recommended Anti Aging Face Lotion Or Cream? A Helpful Guide

Looking for a top recommended anti aging face lotion or cream? If you can find an anti aging face product that does THREE key things, then there’s no reason why your skin shouldn’t become more youthful and smooth. This article will explain what these three things are.First of all, let’s lay dawn a few ground rules. Only consider investing in products that are made with all-natural and organic ingredients. They are not only safer to apply to your skin, but they are way more effective than synthetic ingredients since they are so similar to your natural oils and moisturizers.Also, make sure that a product has been tested and put through clinical trials before buying it, both internally and through a third party. After all, if a product has not been tested before it’s sold, how do they actually know it’s effective?Alright, now onto the three key elements of a top recommended anti aging face lotion or cream….In order to slow down the aging process on your skin, you really need to make sure you use anti aging face lotions or creams containing ingredients that address the major causes of aging signs. Specifically, there are three that you MUST address in order to get long-lasting results:1. Loss of skin firmness and elasticityAs you get older, your skin becomes less firm and less elastic. This is because with age comes the decreasing ability of your body to produce new collagen and elastin protein. Collagen determines how firm and tight your skin is and elastin determines how flexible and elastic it is.The top recommended anti aging face cream or lotion should contain ingredients that encourage an increase in collagen and elastin production – ingredients that give your body the extra boost it needs to keep producing these proteins at high levels.2. Decrease in the skin’s moisture retention abilitiesWith age also comes a steady decrease in moisture retention in the skin. This is primarily because of an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which constantly breaks down the substance that is responsible for most of the moisture retention in the skin, hyaluronic acid.The best anti aging face creams always contain an ingredient that inhibits the activity of this enzyme so more hyaluronic acid can stay in the skin. As a result, your skin will become more plump and smooth.3. Free radical damage and oxidative stressThings like UV radiation and poor nutrition create free radicals in our skin, which are really just unstable molecules that wander around your body and steal electrons from your own cells. The more cells that free radicals destroy, the easier it becomes for wrinkles and fine lines to develop.Using a top recommended anti aging face lotion or cream with plenty of potent, deep-penetrating antioxidants is the best way to stabilize free radicals before they cause any serious damage.

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